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Why practice Tai Chi Chuan?

Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) is first and foremost an instrument,

better an art, which man has at his disposal to know

himself and the world in which he lives. This knowledge begins

by recognizing the force of gravity, by accepting it,

by saying "YES". Our body is designed to allow us

to do it in a unique way, privileged with respect to everyone

the other animals, that is, in an upright manner; his bones, his

joints, its tendons, its ligaments and its muscles are specially made to allow man to move in space having a unique vision.

A rule that applies in nature is that form is functional to function! This means that if a certain thing is done in a certain way, that is, it has a certain "shape", that thing will have a task, will have a certain function to perform and will have to do it in a certain predetermined way, predetermined precisely by its own shape .

Our body is no exception to this axiom, so each joint is designed to make that specific movement or series of movements and not others.

The most important of these joints is without any other that of the hips and pelvis, an area that in Chinese is called KUA. This joint has the task of separating and at the same time joining the top with the bottom, and is involved in practically all the movements we do.

Once you understand the mechanics of this joint, you realize the possibility of being able to move in a balanced, soft, balanced, relaxed way, without tension, effective and efficient (concepts dear to Taoism of which Tai Chi is an instrument )

Rita Levi Montalcini opened many new doors when she discovered, among other things, that dead and / or damaged neurons are replaced, in function, by surrounding neurons (a discovery that earned her the Nobel Prize). After this discovery, others have been made, and a very interesting one states that neurons modify their connections (synapses) according to the experiences we make.

Experience can mean everything, such as the first time you see a sunset at 3,000 meters high on a mountain, or the first time you fall in love, or suffer from a failed friendship, or the first time we taste a new dish, or the first time we receive or give a slap or a caress and so on.

The main tool we have at our disposal to experience the world and the world is our body, in all its Organic, Somatic and Energetic aspects. The shape of ours determines the way we move in space, and (re) discover the possibility of being able to do it in a relaxed, soft, tension-free, balanced way rather than doing it in a rigid, non-harmonious way, with unaware compensatory tensions resulting from emotions blocked and not understood, can be the keystone.

Thanks to Tai Chi Chuan our neurons acquire the experience of being in the world and moving in it as a coherent experience, and this brings us very close to the concept of being well. The result of this "reconnection" allows us to look at things for what they are, to call them by their name, to recognize their positivity or negativity for ourselves, also recognizing their function in their form, and this allows us to do conscious choices, to move our steps having a direction, a way to follow (Tao).

All this represents only one aspect of an art that is difficult to summarize in a few words.

Martial application is only an inevitable by-product of this process.

Alberto Borella



2) +393420836335

Alberto will be the new Tai Chi Chuan instructor at Sef Mediolanum.

The lessons will start from .....?

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